NIGHT ZERO is a photo comic book produced on location in Seattle, Washington. It is a collaboratively-driven project that blends the talents of writers, actors, photographers, digital artists, and film crews, to create a graphic novel unlike any other.

The stories of NIGHT ZERO are shot entirely on location in Seattle, with a full cast and crew dedicated to this unique form of storytelling. With the scale of a feature film—including props, costumes, makeup, lighting, design, and personnel—the production is done with complete authenticity.

this is how the world ends

The world after civilization, struggling in the wake of a zombie plague. Not the shambling undead, but virally-infected murder machines: near-human intelligence, unchecked animal aggression, and an insatiable thirst for blood. Within days the west coast of the United States is lost; within a week the rest of the world goes silent.

life will find a way

Humanity has persevered in Seattle—a new society has emerged. In old downtown lies the "New City", a walled haven free from infection but tyrannically ruled by the Nazarov mafia. Outside, small communities have formed around fortified "speakeasies", where survivors can trade supplies and pass the time over a glass of infection-suppressing liquor.

the three types of stories

The world of the post apocalypse is explored in three types of stories:

as real as can be

Behind the Night Zero comic is a team of artists more than a hundred strong who volunteer their time and skills to bring the post-apocalypse to life. Shot on-location in Seattle without greenscreens or CGI, Night Zero has redefined the no-budget independent production. More details of our behind-the-scenes work, including photos and guest entries, can be found at the old Night Zero production blog.

read it how you want

The library of Night Zero photo comics are available for reading online, including both the vignettes and the serial issues. For a beautiful, collectible, tactile experience, all the comics are available in trade paperback collections with exclusive bonus features, and for the digitally-inclined there are select vignettes available as digital downloads for tablets.