Under the guise of medical research, scientists in the United Kindgom breed a viral weapon that stimulates adrenaline production and inhibits higher-level brain functions. The government of China, working through agents in India, secretly import the deadly strain to their own research facilities.

A crisis erupts when an infection breaks out in England. Murderous rampages erupt as the infected slaughter every man, woman, and child they see. Without reason and without fear, they cut across the isles and onto the continent before anybody comprehends what is happening. As the world watches with bated breath at the destruction burning across Europe, unsettlingly silent container ships from Asia approach their docking at harbors around the world.

It is the last day that human civilization supercedes its past. It is the last day that mankind is master of the world. It is the day that will come to be known as day zero.

When night falls, the world falls with it.