Originally a roughshod militia conscripted from able-bodied survivors, the Nazarov' war to reclaim the city hardened these troops to face battle unlike any other. Lead by Yevgeniy and trained by the elite 151st squadron, the soldiers of the New City are now the protectors of the peace and guardians of humanity' last stand.

Yevgeniy Kovtun

A former cubicle drone and weekend warrior, Devon Smith worked his way up the ladder before the world collapsed around him.

After leading his coworkers to the war effort, Devon worked on consolidating and inventoring the remaining groceries and kitchens. Having proven his intelligence and value to the New City, Aleksandr gave him the honorary name "Yevgeniy" to signify his acceptance into the Nazarov family. With the original members of the Nazarov organization dying off, Devon vigorously worked his way into complete control of the supplies and, weeks later, control of the military.

Over the next few months, his influence around the city grew, as did his animosity toward the authoritarian government. While continuing to excel at his given tasks, he knows that staying in the city will not last and secretly harbors an agenda to move the survivors to more fertile lands.

Captain Hall

When the infection broke out, the people of Seattle were shocked that no visible military response arrived to save them. In the shadows, however, an elite force arrived within an hour to execute a mission of the utmost importance.

When that force fell out of contact, Captain Hall and his team arrived to complete the task. Instead of extracting themselves, however, the 151st joined forces with the Nazarov soldiers to train and assist them in the defense of the New City.

While never one to shy away from a dangerous mission, Hall's primary role is now as advisor and confidant to Yevgeniy, both in the protection of the survivors and in the planning of their future beyond the Wall.

Lieutenant Seals

After foregoing a life of luxury and inheritance to travel the world as a special forces commander, Seals found the perfect strategic partner in Hall and the two have fought side-by-side ever since. When the 151st was deployed to Seattle during the outbreak, she and Hall agreed to belay their orders and stay in service of the survivors.

In addition to being a lethal soldier, Seals is an adept strategist and drafts most of the day-to-day tactics in use by both the soldiers and the messengers. While she enjoys this work and the help it provides, what she longs for more than anything is a long breath of fresh, clean air away from the blood and dust of the old city.


When it comes to long-range death dealing, no one stands a chance against Nathan "Scopes" Richardson. A man of few words, he is the last in a long line of career soldiers and sharpshooters with immeasurable patience and impeccable sight.

As the 151st leads the New City soldiers in their fight for survival, Scopes travels far and wide to keep them covered—from the highest towers to the grimiest rubble, he is concerned only with the safety of his mates.


As the heavy weapons of the 151st, Duzer has always been a reliable force when it comes to military strength. The middle of seven children in a military family, he grew up in a world of discipline, negotiation, and scarcity. As a result, even as an adult he prefers a diplomatic approach when possible and a tactical approach when not. Only in the most dire of circumstances does he make full use of his extensive weaponry—but when he does, it is with a skill and deadliness unmatched by any other.


With a degree in chemistry and a penchant for experimentation, Wendy was well-versed in the science of combustion long before the apocalypse struck. When the hoarde swarmed the streets, she made her way underground and learned to navigate the sewers as she fled the claws of the infected. Within days she was maneuvering around the city with ease, deftly popping above- and below-ground to scavenge for supplies while avoiding trouble.

When one of her explosive booby-traps was discovered by the 151st, Wendy was asked to join their team and help them do good for the remaining survivors. With no better prospects ahead, and feeling worn down by the constant danger and stress, she agreed and now serves as the squad's sapper and scout. She enjoys the comraderie of her new mates and the utility of her skills, and hopes to continue finding new and beneficial ways to use them.


When the city began to fall, the absence of a coordinated military response was made even more visible in contrast by the few soldiers who were present. Franklin Andrew didn't hesitate to put himself in harm's way to help others, and although he would never take credit himself, was solely responsible for saving the lives of dozens of people in the days following the outbreak.

When the battle was waged to reclaim the city, Drew put himself on the line again and fought to protect and defend. He was quickly given a commanding position in the New City militia and now continues to serve, wholly committed to creating a future outside the threat of the infected.


After losing his father to his mother and his sister by his own hand, Darren looked for meaning by working tirelessly to save others from the same fate. He hunts scratchers tirelessly but avoids killing them in front of survivors, ever aware that every scratcher used to be a loved one. Despite his professionalism and efficacy on the field, he is still haunted by the memory of his sister and sees her face in every scratcher he kills. His attempts to push aside emotions helps him complete his missions but keeps him from bonding with his commrades. Sometimes he dreams of a day when he can be free of that pain, but is never certain he wants to be.


When the outbreak overran the schools, the horror was unspeakable. Eve was one of the few teachers who survived, and managed to rescue a few of her children as well. When the New City was formed and her adoptees assigned to foster families, she joined the Nazarov's military force as a means to continue fighting the infection. She is a proven commander and tactician, and wants nothing more than for today's children to survive another generation.


Never a man of glamour or means, Ash led a simple life as a shift manager for the sanitation department, where he'd started as a trash collector many years before. His friendly nature and even hand made him a popular but nonremarkable peer—until the apocalypse hit.

When the processing facilities were overrun with infected, Ash quickly found himself leading the survivors to safety through a brilliant strategic assault with garbage trucks as cavalry. In short order, the Nazarovs came to him for assistance in clearing the city of debris and building the Wall, a massive construction of which many of his garbage trucks are now a part.

With his tactical thinking proven and his commitment unquestionable, Ash was quickly promoted to squad commander in the New City militia, where he now serves tirelessly to keep life clean and simple for the survivors.


Tired of suffering and surviving on his own, Claude traded the misery of solitude for the misery of company when he met Loki and his skullhunters. Claude decided to join the group of rogues and villains, never really fitting in but without any alternatives. He remained with Loki and Auntie for some time, often treated as the runt of the pack, until the abuse became too much and he made a break for the New City.

Conscripted to military service but disliked by the other soldiers, Claude found his place as a guard in Quarantine, providing liquor to those at risk of infection and taking care of those who turned. He enjoys the comfortable lifestyle and relative safety of his work, but occasionally wonders if he's capable of doing something more important.