Dariya Nazarov

The younger daughter of Aleksandr, Dariya Nazarov never knew her mother or her motherland. It was just before her twenty-first birthday that the world collapsed, and Dariya was caught in the middle of a swarm of activity with no place to go.

Like her brother Valentin, the constant exposure to her father's work led Dariya into that same life. After a few years working various secretarial and low-managerial positions, Dariya turned to her father for more challenging work, and got training in managing some of the business interests of the Nazarov empire.

After the dust of the war settled, Dariya took it upon herself to revitalize the society by overseeing the establishment of new businesses and entertainment, while remaining among the top council to the New City as a whole.


On her own since the night Seattle fell, Ally has survived through determination, isolation, and an unshakable instinct for self-preservation. Fierce and alone, she avoids contact with scratchers and survivors alike, patiently waiting—for what, she does not know.


Aggressive, emotional, and determined beyond question, Jacob has worked hard his entire life and didn't stop when the world did. A father on the verge of losing everything, he now walks the post-apocalyptic world in search of his daughter and the last piece of meaning in his life.


A self-made man of influence with trace connections to the criminal underworld, Serling defended his interests tooth and nail when the apocalypse came crashing upon his door. With fortified bases and disciplined footmen, he successfully repelled the onslaught and established places of safe harbor for other survivors who could contribute to his group.

In the following weeks, Serling faced pressure from the Nazarovs to fold his resources in with the New City but resisted their efforts. He soon found other leaders who were similarly positioned, and thus the Syndicate was born.

While less forwardly violent than some of the other leaders in the Syndicate, Serling is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. He values productivity, efficiency, and utilitarianism above all else, and has no qualms with doing dirty deeds for the cause of the greater good.


A former business partner to the Nazarov mafia with little love for the family, Drake used his considerable influence in the wake of the apocalypse to fortify his position and power. He was instrumental in the formation of the Syndicate, an affiliation of mobsters and muscle that share a common opposition to the unilateral power of the Nazarovs, and now fights to preserve the independence of all who live outside the walled prison of the New City.

Doctor Fu

No survivor in the New City knows more about the true cause of the outbreak than Doctor Fu, but her knowledge is as secret as it is deadly. After losing her love in an unsuccessful attempt to escape the city, she spent weeks in the thick of the destruction, fighting to protect not only her life but the truths she kept within.

After an encounter with Natalie, she agreed to join the Niw City and quickly became a close friend and confidant of Nadia. Now she works to preserve the tenuous existence of the city as doctor and advisor, while secretly continuing her work to understand and stop the virus responsible for the end of the world.

Doctor Behle

When the infection broke out, it started at the hospitals, and many of the city's doctors were killed or turned. Doctor Behle is one of the few survivors who was on duty when it happened, and witnessed first-hand the changes caused by infection. As far as most people know, he is as close to an expert on scratchers as the New City has.

After the New City was founded an intense effort was made to find and protect survivors with medical skills, and Behle quickly proved his value by identifying the phases, symptoms, and timeframes of infection. While many eyewitness accounts contradict his official guidelines, many more lives have been saved by their widespread dissemination.

With the prominence and respect achieved through his expertise, Behle has remained fairly insulated from the day-to-day horrors of the post-apocalypse, but he remains true to his hippocratic oath and hopes to someday find a way to eliminate the infection as a threat to humankind.